2 days into college Lyrics By Aimee Carty

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2 days into college Lyrics – Aimee Carty Meaning & Facts By (Singles). You Can Watch This Video On YouTube While The Lyrics Are Written By Aimee Carty. The Music Track Was Released Date :Dec. 8, 2023.

[Verse 1]
I’m two days into college
And I’m three lectures behind
There’s this guy, let’s name him Colin
He says he wants to be mine
But it doesn’t really sit with me quite right
‘Cause he doesn’t really like the things I like
And I keep accidentally locking myself out of my dorm in the middle of the night

[Explanation of Verse 1]
The person is just beginning their college journey, feeling a bit overwhelmed. They mention a guy named Colin showing interest in them, but the connection doesn’t feel right. The narrator is struggling with college life, like falling behind in lectures and accidentally locking themselves out of their dorm.

[Verse 2]
I wake up kinda wired
And I wake up kinda cold
And I wake up kinda tired
But I’ll just sleep in when I’m old
See I don’t like breaking rules
But don’t like doing as I’m told
So I just float around and keep my head down
And hope my life unfolds

[Explanation of Verse 2]
The narrator wakes up feeling wired, cold, and tired. They do not like breaking rules but also do not like being told what to do. The person floats through life, trying to keep a low profile and hoping effects will fall into place.

And еverybody’s telling me that I’m doing so wеll
I try to trust them, honestly
I find it hard to tell
If I need work or I need rest
I try my best to try my best
I tell myself
I say out loud
It’s fine
I’ll figure it all out
I tend to forget
I’m still only quite young
In a way this life of mine has only just begun

[Explanation of Chorus]
Others praise the narrator for doing well, but they find it hard to trust those compliments. The person questions whether they need to work more or rest, emphasizing the struggle to figure effects out. Despite the uncertainties, the narrator acknowledges they are still young, and their life is just beginning.

I’ve got time
I’ve got time

[Explanation of Refrain]
The refrain emphasizes that the person believes they have time, possibly suggesting a comforting thought that there’s no rush to figure everything out.

[Verse 3]
I’m two days into college
With a busy, busy mind
That guy that we named Colin
He’s so handsome, he’s so kind
My friends tell me I’m crazy
Say I take it way too far
‘Cause I told him that it’s over
‘Cause he doesn’t play guitar

[Explanation of Verse 3]
The narrator is still navigating college life, now with a busy mind. They mention Colin again, admitting that they ended things because he doesn’t play guitar. The person’s friends think they are being too hasty in their decisions.

[Verse 4]
I’m only two days into college
And my bedroom is a mess
There’s just so much that I want to do
That I have not done yet
There’s just so much that I want to say
And far too little breath
Oh my mind it runs so far away
It’s easy to forget

[Explanation of Verse 4]
Two days into college, the person’s room is messy, symbolizing the chaos and uncertainty in their life. They express a desire to do and say many things, but time and breath seem limited, and their mind often wanders.

That to everybody else it looks like I’m doing so well
I try to see it, honestly
I find it hard to tell
If I’ve done wrong or I’ve done right
I need a good night’s sleep tonight
They said go out
I said alright
I think I won’t
I maybe might
I probably should just take it slow
I’ll be all good
But God I know

[Explanation of Chorus]
Despite the external perception that the person is doing well, they struggle to see it themselves. The narrator debates whether they’ve made right or wrong choices and considers the intent of a good night’s sleep.

The one thing that’s important above everything else
Is to learn not to put all this heavy pressure on myself
I try believe it when I say
If it’s meant to happen it’ll happen anyway
I’ll be fine

[Explanation of Bridge]
The ground emphasizes the significance of not putting too important pressure on oneself. The person tries to believe that things will happen naturally, and they’ll be fine in the end.

I’ve got time
I’ve got time

[Explanation of Refrain]
Repeating the refrain, the person reassures themselves that they have time.

That’s where I’m at
To be honest
Just two days
Two days into college

[Explanation of Outro]
In the outro, the person reflects on their current state, admitting to being just two days into college and expressing honesty about their feelings and uncertainties in this new chapter of life.