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{Verse 1: SURGE}
Where I gotta fall, I stand tall and gotta crawl with these bitches now
How the fuck you gotta surf?
Gotta know where I be goin’ ’cause I know that I’m dreamin’ now
When I’m always in my feelin’s, gotta break
I gotta break apart, I’ll never fuckin’ stand now
‘Cause everyone gotta leave me alone
I never know, never know what I’m goin’ through now
Gotta know, gotta know that I’m goin’ here
Gotta fear for some type of demon now
Gotta live, gotta go, gotta go to the clouds
I smoke my blunt, everyday just to feel this way
{Verse 2: LXWLIFE}
I think it’s obvious that is sorry
I can’t seem to give it all up, I’m fuckin’ deep withdrawin’
Life is fuckin’ ’bout all the times we spend out the boundaries
But if I had the opportunity to tell you one thing, it be like
I can’t fuckin’ do it, you can’t tell me how to live
Shit, I’m not the choosen, bitch, I’m more than nothin’
{?} where am I goin’? Where am I goin’?
‘Cause here is not exactly where I wanna be
Growin’, a couple roses bloomin’, not the grave where I be smokin’
Where I be jokin’ about chokin’ with my pills, demoted
Shame on me, it’s never shame on you
It’s the hands that grab the pills that later turns into the noose, so
The 2mygrave – SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL lyrics was released on March 07, 2023.The writer of the song lyrics is Mick Jagger, Keith Richards.Its running time is 4:42.

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