Canibus – Endangered Species

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Canibus – Endangered Species

{Verse: Canibus}
Acts like a man of thought but thinks like a man of action
Stand-up guy digging in for traction
Double tap rap stay packing
Molly pack fastened tight around a nigga back, he’s strapped in
You wanna know his name, he wanna know who asking
By the time you niggas sell out, he cashed in
(?…), the ghetto famous but aimless
Homeless on the nature preserve, paying rent
There’s five unidentified bodies in a frickin’ porta potty
Stashed there by the mafia posse
The one on the bottom say, “Get off me”
The three abovе the one on the bottom says, “You can’t gеt out of this”
The one on the top is silent, then all of a sudden, violence
Then people get kicked in the privates
Inverted totalitarianism, he had a terrible vision
Rappers been in danger since the beginning
He’s an endangered species
He’s an endangered species
He’s an endangered species
Trapped in the blocks of between pyramid scheme
But his spirit is clean
He’s an endangered species

The Canibus – Endangered Species lyrics was released on April 04, 2023. The writer of the song lyrics is Canibus. Its running time is 3:13.

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