​d3r-​knife play

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​d3r-knife play

Blood pup
Is this how you like to play with knives, just show me gore shit
I know you like to put on makeup, I be (?…)
It’s so fabulous, but you’re a liar, (?…) being a bitch ​d3r-​knife play
I know that you’re egotistical, but you’re a (?…) witch
W-W-W-Why the fuck I like that, why’d you fool me?
Way too many feelings, but you always dig deep
Y-Y-Y-Y-You’re an addict ​d3r-​knife play
P-P-P-Poppin’ all the pills and I can’t stand it

The ​d3r-knife play lyrics was released on April 15, 2023. The writer of the song lyrics is ​d3r. Its running time is 5:35.

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