Eugene Tooms – Toe Collector

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Eugene Tooms – Toe Collector

Cause of death was a stab wound
And there’s blood on the snow
The body’s missin’ a toe
It was a curious case alright
No match on DNA
Or prints or dental
So it’s a John Doe
We figured it out later that night
Late night in the park
Out here in the dark
(To) get away with a murder
Ain’t no hard you cover all your tracks, get a flashlight
Back in D.C. there was a case like this five or six years ago
The toe collector has returned
They ran the usual suspects, without any luck
All of us were quite concerned
Turn on the loudеst sirens!
Dispatch, come in yeah!
By now, hе’s probably lost in the wind
We’ll never find a next of kin
Only one thing bugs me though
In my pocket, there was a toe
Turn on the loudest sirens!
Dispatch, come in yeah!

The Eugene Tooms – Toe Collector lyrics was released on August 23, 2019. The writer of the song lyrics is Eugene Tooms. Its running time is 4:36.

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