Kamikaze Prom – Glimmering Glow

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Kamikaze Prom – Glimmering Glow

Light glimmers from the cutlery
From the women’s necks, and the women’s wrists
The glimmer glows from the floral flux and the crystal clink
It glimmers most from my yearning eyes as my date sits down and she looks at me
I wonder why she holds her cigarette like she’s in a movie scene
Grayscale Hollywood, the Golden Age
I bet she pictures cameras on her all day everyday
And why would any camera be aimеd at any other?
Everything’s in black-and-white but shе’s in Technicolor
Oh my, oh God, too late does it occur
That I’ve been staring for too long
And I haven’t said a word
Turns out talking to her is like unwittingly biting into one of those decorative plastic fruits
(Break, eager teeth.)
I also learn her hair is dyed: she was never a redhead, just a mortal brunette like me
And I begin to question my own authenticity
And to wonder why I forced myself to leave the house
But tonight, I will feign a smile and a laugh
For my self-worth rides on how good a time she has
And if I get drunk
Would that brighten things?
Or will I end up
On the floor again
To wake up half-dead, cursing myself
And the things I probably said?
Or did?
I guess I’m willing to take the risk
We try the wine
I turn to see her
I find it sweet
She finds it bitter
She has this face
It says outright:
I’m a mere black blotch
In her lilac light
I ask her for a dance, she says she’d rather not
She lets ash fall from her hand onto the tablecloth
She seems to be unheeding when faced with fragile things
She’d probably catch a butterfly and strip it of its wings
I look around the ballroom and past nights spring up
Weddings I went to with Valerie plague my memory:
Back when she was my girl, back when I was loved
My shirt is too tight and my bowtie is killing me
What can I do but choke up?
And like Valerie
She’s grown bored of me
And fond of a man
On a nearby seat
And I take another swig

The Kamikaze Prom – Glimmering Glow lyrics was released on  April 14, 2023. The writer of the song lyrics is Kamikaze Prom. Its running time is 4:34.

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