Larone – 7 SUNS

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Larone – 7 SUNS


By a time

A fragile soul

Waste of time

Get what you want!

Life is not “What You Want !!!”

Living a time

Love might be wrong

A heartless mind

Is love a war?

Loves never stop to fall

Lennon said “War is Over”

But, we still hurting each others

We always grumbling about loves

Sigh, forgetting all we deserved

In the end of time

The angels fall from stars

Where not away too far

Till rises Seven Suns

Won’t stop from Loving !

Endless time

We’ll pass away some time

We’ll live again one last time

There’s no way to turn back time

Where are The Hidings ?

The Larone – 7 SUNS lyrics was released on February 24, 2023. The writer of the song lyrics Larone is. Its running time is 4:09.

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