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TVsubs–Movie & TV Show Subtitles aims to collect subtitles for movies and television programs, making them easily accessible to users through srt files that can be used with video playing. This is particularly helpful for those who may miss important conversations due to language barriers.

The website features the latest films, with subtitles available upon request. Users can save time by using the search bar to quickly find what they are looking for. With over 50 language options, the site strives to ensure that all users can find the content they need, and has established a strong reputation in the field of movie subtitles.

TVsubs Categories:

There are three categories in TVsubs:

Movie subtitles

The website has a dedicated category for movie subtitles, where you can find reliable subtitles for movies that are more than 15 years old. These subtitles can be easily downloaded and saved for your convenience. Additionally, the website offers a vast collection of more than 30 genres, allowing you to select your preferred movies effortlessly.

We prioritize posting captions for popular and highly demanded movies and provide a separate category for them. If you’re searching for older movies, you can access our “Older Posts” option, where we present the best old movies with subtitles. To accommodate diverse audiences, we offer more than 50 language options, ensuring that every user finds what they need.

TV show subtitles

If you’re looking for a website to download TV show subtitles, TV Subs is a perfect choice. In our second category, we provide subtitles for all types of TV shows, just like we do for movies. You can find TV shows of all genres and subcategories on our website. Our users can also use the language bar to filter their search results by language and get the subtitles they need.


In addition to downloading a wide range of TV shows and movie subtitles, The website also offers free downloads of movies and TV shows to watch. These downloads are of the same quality as the ones offered for TV subs with subtitles. We offer hundreds of movies and TV shows in different genres and release years that are ready to be downloaded.

The website offers everything completely free of charge and nothing is lacking. Users can easily use the search bar to make specific searches and get their desired results quickly. Popular releases such as the latest episodes of popular TV shows or highly demanded movies are regularly posted on the site.

 How is TVsubs special?

At Tv Subs, we prioritize the importance of subtitles and strive to ensure their availability. While many other subtitle sites exist online, they may not offer free or verified subtitles. Like the Game of Thrones subtitles, and may contain errors due to high demand.

To make browsing easier, we have organized everything into categories. Allowing users to easily navigate and find what they are looking for. Additionally, there is a separate section dedicated to highlighting the most recent uploads. Along with their respective movies and TV shows. Users can download the latest movies and show to watch on their iPads or laptops.

For those with faster internet speeds, streaming is also an option. The language selection feature allows users to choose from a variety of languages that they are most comfortable with. The site’s statistics are display on the homepage. Providing reassurance to new users that our services are trustworthy and safe to use without fear of bugs or viruses.

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