Uncle Pizza – Breath °0°

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Uncle Pizza – Breath °0°

I was born in a hospital
In 1998
My first breath was a cool fall breeze
Flying across the golden state
I was born in a critical moment
They were praying for my health
By the time I took my second inhale
I was already overwhelmed
First breath in the morning
After burning up the night
My lungs push the air to move
But my chest is tight
I’m holding in the O2
Until it overflows from me
Each breath is precious
Close to my heart until I start
Something leaves my lungs
And I’m minutes old again
I’ve never made mistakes
And a cool fall breeze rolls in
Somеthing leaves my lungs
I can’t beliеve I’m alive
Each breath is a moment closer
But it’s too soon for me to die

The Uncle Pizza – Breath °0° lyrics was released on February 24, 2023. The writer of the song lyrics is Uncle Pizza. Its running time is 2:51.

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