Without a Reason – PRISON IN MY DREAMS

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Without a Reason – PRISON IN MY DREAMS

Shark breach
{verse 1: lxwlife}
Si-sin in my eyes, i ain’t wanna die
So i gotta recognize (?…)
I ain’t wanna do this at all
So i go and pop me an adderall
Pop-pop me a perc (?…) so i can fall
Withdraw, i ain’t wanna go ahead and involve myself with the shit
No delusion, myself, i ain’t included
I know, i’m just (?…)
No stupid shit, (?…)
Yo’ move is just a loss
Don’t think about what (?…)
I just know that myself can’t go ahead and kill everything in hell
Don’t lay yourself in bed, (?…)
Yeah, yeah, eyes in the dark
Eyes in the dark
Don’t look too far, don’t look, yeah, yeah, yeah
Eyes in the dark
Eyes in the dark
Eyes in the dark
Eyes in the dark
{verse 2: poe, the legend}
Look into my eyes, goin’ live in the dark
Ain’t no woods dwellin’ in the night, keep my doors closed
Bye, we don’t bark, up the wrong tree
That’s why i found a way to part ways
Only time i ever (?…) is when the dark fades
Lights blinding, crash the surface so she (?…)
All these friends, quit the switch up, ain’t no finding
Ghost, pull the guts out, i be flying
Flames in the night
Lay me to rest
Flames in the night
Lay me to rest
Lay me to rest
Lay me to rest
{verse 3: sinogabriel}
I call it demon relations, (?…)
She made me (?…) like 10k, told her to slide dna
You cannot see life this way, you cannot see life this way
Told that fuck boy, “i ain’t playin'”
He ain’t know i’m crazy, yeah, he thought i was sane
Might lay him to rest if he doesn’t bring a vest
He ain’t know i got hands, he ain’t know i got rep
I got rep, i got rep
Yeah, just like my brother said
“(?…)”, while yo’ hoe up in my bed
Livin’ rent free in yo’ head, it’s just a funny thing
(?…) all that money bring, it’s just a funny thing
{verse 4: mf oblivion}
See your eyes in the dark, leave yo’ mind blown apart
Cut the strings that was tied to the heart
Take a second to breathe in, come along with me
Dreams never felt so unknown, packin’ memories
Along this road, i don’t know, just where to go
Put these thoughts up in my pocket then i fuckin’ roll
Lose myself within these lines that i wrote
Feelings fade with the smoke Without a Reason – PRISON IN MY DREAMS
Take a (?…), force that choke
(?…) folks never know how much control that they have
Over the path that they own, analyze in the reality that i own
{verse 5: surge}
(?…), edge on my 2 feet
I don’t give a fuck as long as i eat
Don’t let them tell you, just believe
(?…) actually bleeds
Put the past down your motherfuckin’ sleeves
Baby, yeah, i grieve, haven’t felt so good in weeks
(?…), i hate this fuckin’ circle
Any man in cycle, livin’ with some (?…)
I do it for survival, all suicidal
But i got back on my feet
Oh, you popped up now? i (?…) ground
They ask me how, buddy in your moment (?…)
I don’t mind, i don’t mind
I’m outta my mind, i don’t mind
I don’t mind, i don’t mind

The Prince Swanny – Crazy and Evil lyrics was released on April 04, 2023. The writer of the song lyrics is Prince Swanny. Its running time is 3:13.

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